How to Feel Rich


How you feel toward money and lifestyle is an attitude. Wealth is relative and how rich you are has very little to do with how much money you have in the bank. Being rich has quite a bit to do with expectations of what you need money to do for you. Feel rich by living within your means. If you only make $30,000 a year and spend $25,000 you are rich and ahead. Having leftover money is so much better than earning $100,000 a year but spending $150,000.

Feeling rich when you are poor is easier said than done, but there are ways to turn the tables on the wealthy and be happy.

Look at what you do have. Sounds a bit cliché, but if you are grateful for what you have, you will actually build momentum. Maybe your bank account is not bursting at the seams, but think about what you do have. Do you have a roof over your head? Great people in your life to love and comfort you? Do you have an iPhone or a laptop? Do you have your health? Are you breathing?

When you start mentally seeing what you have, you will find that more comes your way. Look at your bank account. It may be dismal, but if it is not overdrawn, you are pretty rich comparing to people who have debt. If it is in the negative, call the bank and negotiate those overdraft fees. With a bit of coercion and speaking to the right person, you could get that money back and feel “rich”.

Be generous with what you have. Spend some of your time, support someone emotionally, give out compliments, and share your advice and knowledge. The emotions that come back to you will make you feel rich beyond compare. Share what you do have. Being rich is not just having a large bank account.

Do something that makes you feel rich and decadent. It could be reading a novel with a chocolate bar in one hand, or soaking a hot bubble bath, or watching a favorite sports team win it all. Play a “what if” game with friends. Give yourself a million dollars and “spend” it. Imagine all the things you could do with this money. It is only imaginary, but it does help you feel rich.

Do not deny yourself the little things in life. If you want to buy a bouquet of flowers, then do it. Feel rich when you go to a farmers market and find the perfect tomato.

Let yourself receive. Most people do not like receiving and accepting gifts is embarrassing. You want to feel independent, and you tell others you can do it all on your own. When you push away help you are telling that person they were wrong to try and do something nice. Now, they feel poor and unappreciated, and you are no richer.

Try to let someone carry your groceries or give you a tip for something you did for them. There are gifts all around you and if you refuse them you are coming up on the losing and poor end. When someone offers assistance, be it money or anything else, be grateful and take it. It’s amazing how rich that will make you feel. You are giving yourself permission to receive and feel good about it.

Look at the little gifts that show up in your life. You can feel rich by accepting the sources and gifts all around you. Don’t refuse them because you did not “earn” them yourself. Think of the riches around you and be grateful.

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